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Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper

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Classic - Soft Evergreen Groundcover You have probably seen the Dwarf Juniper Procumbens - - Juniperus procumbens Nana - - also know as Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper - and haven t even known it. Native to southern Japan - Procumbens Nana is a Juniper that is best known as the basis for bonsai plants and small topiary sculptures. The majority of bonsai you might have seen commercially are this lovely plant. The Japanese Garden Juniper has short needles and exhibits leisurely growth - both in height and spread. In other words - it takes its own sweet time to grow. This is not the ground cover for a - quick fill- . It is the perfect ground cover if you want a classic soft shrub that will stay in bounds and stay green all year - even in the harshest winters. Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper excels in rock gardens or even as a potted patio plant - where its slow growth makes it a great specimen. Of course it also makes an outstanding bonsai tree if you re up for the challenge. This dwarf juniper is well-known for being a very resilient plant. This tough guy tolerates drought - heat and humidity - pollution in urban settings - salty seashores - wind - and even deer and rabbit munching. It adapts to a wide range of soils - but it prefers a dryish - sandy soil. Root rot may occur in wet - poorly drained soils. This highly adaptable evergreen will make its way into your gardener s heart in a short time. Give the Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper a shot for an outstanding ground cover. Order yours now. * Highly adaptable * Evergreen * Easy care

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