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Eastern White Pine Tree

Eastern White Pine Tree

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Long-Lived - Fast-Growing Pine TreeThe Eastern White Pine tree is a hardy evergreen that is long-lived and fast-growing. One would look spectacular as a specimen tree for your yard or even as a substantial hedge along the property line.Your Eastern White Pine - Pinus strobus - - is a magnificent pine tree extensively used throughout much of North America. When young - it presents an elegant - pyramidal form that matures to a more spacious - irregular crown with age.- Its 5-inch needles are soft to the touch and have a delicate bluish-green hue.- The 8-inch long cones it produces are cylindrical in appearance - and your feathered friends will thank you for the seeds they provide.Eastern White Pine trees will grow to 80 feet in height with a 40 foot spread.- It s a generally low-maintenance tree that can be left to grow naturally - or you can prune it back a bit if need be.- It s tolerant of a variety of soils as well as deer and rabbits.- Birds love it - and in fact wildlife in general will benefit from the shelter it provides.- Eastern White Pine is long-lived and a vigorous grower - so you can expect to see results quickly and enjoy your tree for a long time.- When small - you could also use this tree as a Christmas tree - as many people enjoy this variety for just that purpose.The Eastern White Pine is obviously an impressive evergreen with a lot to offer.* Evergreen * Fast-growing * Long lived * Hardy

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