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El Desperado Daylily

El Desperado Daylily

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Purple Accents- Add DistinctionThe Daylily El Desperado - Hemerocallis El Desperado - Stamile - 91 - - has large - mustard yellow flowers with a bold and contrasting purple eye above a green throat with green foliage. El Desperado is a popular daylily among daylily lovers.- It adds an extremely high bud count and an extended 16-hour bloom time that lets you enjoy blooms in the late afternoon and evening.It will bloom early in the season and then repeat bloom late in the season. - It can survive harsh conditions that many other plants cannot and prefers full sun for the best performance.Daylilies are some of the easiest plants to grow and are a good choice for any gardener. - They will grow in almost any soil and handle drought to wet soil conditions.In areas that receive less than 6 hours of sun during the day - your daylilies will probably produce fewer and smaller blooms - and the foliage may not be as robust.Use El Desperado for stand alone plantings - edging - in borders or in mixed containers and tubs.- - Planted together in large numbers - they quickly crowd out weeds and make a carefree and colorful ground cover.Because it blooms in late summer when other plants begin to lose their luster - El Desperado is a tried-and-true first class performer that stands out in any landscape.* Purple Adds Acccent to Pale Yellow Blooms* Blooms for 16 Hours* Rebloomer

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