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Fairy Tale Pink Daylily

Fairy Tale Pink Daylily

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The Daylily Fairy Tale Pink - Hemerocallis Fairy Tale Pink - has a darker pink veining where the blooms originate in the throat region - and then fades towards the tips of the petals. a very delicate shade of pink with interesting color variations. - - No one can simply walk by it.- Those who pass by will stop and remark on its colors - ruffled petals - and understated grace.Blooming in midsummer - the flowers are edible. - Hemerocallis are members of the lily family and the blossoms usually last one day - but these clump forming plants - with their gracefully arching strap-shaped leaves - produce enormous numbers of flowers throughout the summer.It is relatively trouble free and grows in almost any soil - as long as it is well drained. - Fairy Tale Pink - like all daylilies - can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot including. polluted city environments - slopes - poor and dry soils - near pavement that is salted in winter - and under Black Walnut trees - not affected by juglone -.Divide in early spring. - In areas that receive less than 6 hours of sun during the day - your daylilies will probably produce fewer and smaller blooms - and the foliage may not be as robust.- Fairy Tale Pink can be used- for stand alone plantings - edging - in borders or in mixed containers and tubs.- - Planted together in large numbers - they quickly crowd out weeds and make a carefree and colorful ground cover.It also makes a beautiful floral arrangement.Use this Fairy Tale Pink to create large swathes of lovely color in the summer landscape.* Graceful - arching leaves* Heavily ruffled

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