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Flame Willow Tree

Flame Willow Tree

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Amazing Red Stems Light Up Your Garden All Winter This is a sure cure for a brown winter landscape in your yard. The Flame Willow - Salix x Flame - will light up your garden all winter with its amazing stems that turn bright orange red in late fall and last until early spring. The Flame Willow is one tough plant that will grow into a beautiful natural multi-stemmed specimen - but will also take pruning like a champ. You can even cut it down to a few inches and watch it shoot back up the next growing season. Grow in full sun to part shade with ample moisture and watch it take off. Even though it will tolerate almost any soil you put it in - when planted in wet but well drained soils - like the edges of rivers where willows are native - - the Flame Willow will take off like a rocket. Plant the Flame Willow as a specimen or in a line along a fence or border. It makes a quick privacy screen. Plant it where you can see it - because the fall color will wow you throughout the winter months. You don t have to stand for a brown landscape in the winter anymore. Plant a few of these amazing willows in your yard this year and enjoy the view all winter. * Hardy * Brightly colored stems all winter * Fast grower

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