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Fragrant Bouquet Hosta

Fragrant Bouquet Hosta

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Scented Summer Flowers for the Shade- Hosta Fragrant Bouquet packs a double-whammy. Besides the strikingly colored leaves apple green with a creamy white edge this shade lover shoots up highly scented cream colored flowers in late summer. Talk about a conversation piece.Planted around a shaded garden bench - this hosta will reward you with beautiful sparkling foliage all summer and into fall. When the flowers spike and perfume your shady nook - you ll wonder why you ve never planted these lovely hostas before. Hummingbirds love the large tubular flowers also - so you can be sure of plenty of feathered visitors to your garden.A few hours of morning sunlight will bring out the best color in Fragrant Bouquet Hosta - but it will thrive in a totally shaded spot. It loves humis-rich soil and is a great woodland planting - but it shines if you put it in a well-drained container by your patio - too. Divide the plants in early spring as needed.Order Fragrant Bouquet Hosta from us today. Your shady garden will thank you.* Bi-color leaves * Scented cream-colored blooms in mid-summer * Hummingbirds love the flowers

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