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Francee Hosta

Francee Hosta

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A Favorite Among Hosta Lovers- Thought by some to be the very best Hosta variety - Francee Hosta is beloved for its vigorous growth and carefree nature along with its reliable - long-lasting display.- In fact - it is often considered the best of the white-edged foliage Hostas. The dark green - heart-shaped leaves are delicately edged in pristine white - with a heavily textured appearance that maintains its coloring well throughout the seasons.- Summer brings the addition of tall stems that arise out of the foliage to display racemes of tiny - trumpet-shaped white blossoms that have been lightly dusted with a lavender hue.Francee Hosta is a herbaceous perennial that will grow up to 14 inches in height with a 30-inch spread.- It has a low-growing - mounded nature and is adaptable to a variety of soils.- - It is at home in both shade and part shade - and can even thrive in some sun.- Francee is drought tolerant - once established - - and although a friend to wildlife - will not be attractive to deer or rabbits.- It works well in containers and is even sometimes used in cut flower arrangements.Hostas are usually thought of as requiring shade - but Francee is a variety that can perform well in both shade and sun.- If you ve given up on having a Hosta of your own because your yard has too much sun - think again.- With the right balance of sun and shade - Francee may be the Hosta for you this year.*- Summer flowers*- Sun tolerant*- Adaptable to a variety of soils*- Deer- andamp. rabbit- resistant

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