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Frances Williams Hosta

Frances Williams Hosta

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Classic HUGE Shade Garden Plant.- Hosta Frances Williams is an attention-getter for your shady garden. The large green leaves have a splotched chartreuse edge and can grow to over a foot long and wide.- These are not diminutive plants that daintily edge your planting beds. These monsters can get over 2 tall and up to two yards wide and will fill your shady bed without a second thought. Plant accordingly.Frances Williams Hosta loves the shade the sun can scorch the leaves. Keep them happy with a well-drained soil that gets plenty of water during the growing season. - Under the leaves - directly on the soil - is best. Otherwise the big leaves act like an umbrella and keep the water from going where you want it to. -Almost completely pest and maintenance free - the only thing to worry about are slugs - which feast on the large leaves with great gusto if allowed.Frances Williams Hosta looks great when mixed with other shade loving plants. They make any shady area more refined and full.Order a couple to fill in your shady landscape areas. You will definitely enjoy these big boys for years to come.* HUGE bi-color leaves * White to purple blooms in mid-summer * Shade lover

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