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Ginger Gold Apple Tree

Ginger Gold Apple Tree

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Early-Ripening AppleGinger Gold Apple is an early-mid season ripening apple with exemplary qualities.- Plant one in an open area away from buildings - but where you can enjoy watching its progress toward each year s delicious harvest.The most popular feature of your Ginger Gold Apple tree is of course the fruit it produces.- In fact - Ginger Gold has become one of the most popular varieties of apple in recent years.- Renown for its early-harvest and high quality - Ginger Gold Apple is stand-out among the apple varieties available today.Your Ginger Gold Apple is a lovely apple tree - beginning each spring with delicate white-pink blossoms.- When your Ginger Gold truly shines however - is in early-mid August.- The large - conical apples start out a pale green - but by mid-late August will mature to a lovely yellow-green - filling your tree s branches with golden-hued fruit.- The smooth - firm skin of your Ginger Gold will catch the afternoon light and draw you in for a taste of that sweet - creamy flesh.- Its crisp texture makes this apple a delight to bite into - the taste enhanced by the mildly-tart essence that follows closely upon the initial sweet gush of flavor.Your Ginger Gold Apple is delicious fresh - but also valued as a multi-purpose - cooking apple because it holds its shape well when cooked. It also doesn t discolor as other apples do when cut - so it will be terrific for all your fruit salads and other dishes that use fresh apples.- As a raw apple - it also keeps longer than other early-season apples.Ginger Gold Apple trees are semi-dwarf and can grow up to 15 feet in height.- They are heat tolerant and relatively hardy.- You ll need a pollinator within 50 feet of your Ginger Gold - but it doesn t require much else from you.- For a beautiful tree with delicious fruit - you can t do much better than a Ginger Gold Apple.*Early-ripening*Excellent eating and cooking apple*HardyRecommended pollinators. Fuji - Granny Smith - Honeycrisp - Red Delicious

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