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Gold Standard Hosta

Gold Standard Hosta

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Classic Shade Loving Hosta with Huge Leaves.- Hosta Gold Standard is the chameleon of the hosta world. The big leaves - 8- long and 5- across - start off in spring deep chartreuse with a mottled green edge. Then as summer progresses the chartreuse changes to golden yellow and finally in late summer will fade to a creamy white. A completely enchanting look for your deep shade garden.Use these lovely plants to add a woodland feel to your shady nooks or a very modern look to a geometric bed or border. Gold Standard Hosta even does fine in a well-drained container. The big leaves are perfect foils for other shade lovers like hydrangeas and astilbes.These undemanding plants just need a well-drained soil that gets plenty of water during the growing season to stay happy. - It s best to water under the leaves - directly on the soil. -The only pests to worry about are slugs - which feast on the leaves like a buffet if allowed.Order several Gold Standard Hostas to add a shot of color to your shady landscape areas.* Color changing leaves * Small blooms in mid-summer * Shade lover

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