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Golden Pfitzer Juniper

Golden Pfitzer Juniper

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Juniper - Golden Pfitzer - Juniperus chinensis Pfitzeriana - is a fast-growing evergreen that reaches 3 to 5 tall and spreading to 15 to 25 feet. It branches from one low point - off a large trunk - with scaly - red-brown bark. Golden Pfitzers old growth foliage - and new growth is bright gold - giving the plant its common name. The foliage is pungent when crushed. Grey berries are inconspicuous - less than .25 inch - and do not pose a litter problem. This outstanding ornamental can withstand difficult growing conditions in urban areas or at the seashore - so is one of the more widely planted junipers. Grows best in full sun - but will tolerate some shade. Gold Pfitzer likes well-drained soils - but continuous watering is not needed after initial planting.

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