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Golden Tiara Hosta

Golden Tiara Hosta

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Re-blooming Small Hosta Grows FastThe Hosta Golden Tiara has thin - heart-shaped green leaves with wide chartreuse and white margins foliage - making it very striking.- It is the first small hosta to have gold margined leaves. - - Growing quickly and having a lot of blooms - it produces dusky lavender flowers that bloom from July to August.- It has a plant height of 12- and a spread of 24-36- .- If you like hosta flowers - this charming plant will offer blossoms- again if you cut off the scapes once the first flowers have faded.- Golden Tiara provides bright color in shade with wonderful foliage.- It needs to be planted in a full shade area in any moist - well-drained area. - This low care perennial is ideal for shady positions - tubs and patio pots - and one of the most popular landscape uses. A great choice for any beginner gardener.It grows best in moist - well-drained - highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5. - Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots.- The leaves need some morning sun to bring the rich golden color out. too much sun will burn the leaves.- Golden Tiara is most at home in shady - woodland settings and often works well in containers.This Golden Tiara shows lots of versatility with its fast clumping habit - good form - and persistent color.* Heart Shaped Green Leaves with Cream and Gold Margins* Lavender Rebloomer* Compact Plant

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