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Grey Owl Juniper

Grey Owl Juniper

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Silver-Blue Foliage and a Treat for your WildlifeGrey Owl Juniper is a needled evergreen.- Plant one as a shrub border along your home where its colorful foliage and cones will provide year-round appeal.Your Grey Owl Juniper is at once both elegant and refined.- The gently ascending branches rise up then slightly dip - creating a soft - restful feel amid other plantings.- Silver-tinted - green needles lend the foliage an airy - bluish-hue that appears far more sophisticated than other common evergreens.- The female Grey Owl Juniper is known for the copious blue cones it produces in summer that persist into winter.- The berry-like cones will be an attraction for your wildlife - especially the birds who come to nest in the dense foliage.- In colder climates - the tips of the branches will also transition to purple for the winter months.Grey Owl Juniper grows 3 feet tall with a 6-foot spread.- It has an attractive - spreading habit with a slight vase shape.- Grey Owl performs best in full sun - but is tolerant of a variety of conditions - and is considered a long-lived shrub.- Overall - Grey Owl is relatively trouble free and a low-maintenance shrub you can leave to grow naturally beautiful.As popular as evergreen shrubs are for home landscapes - few are as endearing as the Grey Owl Juniper.- With its superior color - elegant form and appeal to wildlife - Grey Owl Juniper will be both a practical and charming addition to your home.* Colorful foliage * Evergreen - year-round interest * Attractive to wildlife * Spreading habit

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