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Halcyon Hosta

Halcyon Hosta

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Our Best Selling Hosta.Gardeners are always looking for two things. 1 - shade plants and 2 - blue plants.- Also known as funkia or plantain lily - Hosta Halcyon is a reliable winner that requires little attention.The Halcyon Hosta is made for the shade and is the most interesting frosty ocean-blue color - earning it the 1997 Award of Merit - AGM -. It s a vigorous - but slower - grower with ribbed - spear-shaped foliage that sits underneath white-to-lavender bell-shaped flowers from July to August. But the real show is the foliage itself. Slug-resistant - attracts hummingbirds during blooming.- Halycon Hosta grows in the familiar - fountain- mound shape to about 2 tall and wide - and prefers full shade in a moist but well-drained spot. Spectacular when planted in shade borders - around large shade trees and even in large containers. One of the best hostas available. Zones 4-8.* Blue Spear Shaped Leaves* White to Lavender Flowers* Full Shade Plant

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