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Happy Returns Daylily

Happy Returns Daylily

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Loads of cheerful yellow flower all season long- Happy Returns Daylily - Hemerocallis Happy Returns - is one of those powerhouse flowers that every garden needs. Starting in the spring this little front-of-the-border daylily starts pumping out it s clear sunshine-yellow flowers and rarely pauses to take a breath until the first frost of the year.Often spoken of in relation to the queen of yellow daylilies - Stella d Oro - Happy Returns is superior in so many ways. The yellow color is clear no trace of red or orange so that it blends with pinks and purples exceptionally well. It also pumps out twice as many flowers as Stella on a smaller plant.Super easy to grow - Happy Returns isn t fussy just give it a good sunny spot - well-drained soil and divide it every three years or so and you will be rewarded with traffic-stopping yellow blooms all seasonMake sure you order more than one so that you can scatter them around your yard for sunny yellow flowers in your borders - beds and containers.Oh yeah - did we mention that it s FRAGRANT - too?* Tons of fragrant yellow flowers once established* Great in the border* Super easy care

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