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Hass Avocado Tree

Hass Avocado Tree

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Ornamental Tree with Delicious - Healthy Fruit Hass Avocado is a tree that produces outstanding fruit - and a pleasing appearance in the landscape. Plant one as a specimen tree - or several for a small orchard to provide appetizing Avocados for your kitchen table. Your Hass Avocado Tree is prized for its extraordinary fruit. The green-skinned - oval fruits have a pebbly texture - presenting a pleasing appearance against the lush - glossy foliage. As the fruits ripen - they transition to a dark purple-black hue that is a sharp contrast to the light green fruit within. Creamy with a slightly nutty flavor - the Hass Avocado Tree will certainly delight your taste buds and be a delicious addition to the variety of dishes you may choose to serve it with. Worldwide - Hass is the most popular commercially-grown Avocado. Its durability in transport and reliable shelf life - make it a popular choice among growers and customers alike. The Hass Avocado Tree can produce fruit year-round and is a self-pollinator - so you can just have one if you like. However - once you ve had one you re sure to want more. The Hass is even cold-hardy but can also be grown indoors where the winters are too harsh. It will grow 15-20 feet tall - but with careful pruning can maintain a smaller stature if preferred.Hass Avocado Tree is one of those landscape trees that is not only beautiful but bountiful in its harvest. It is sure to brighten your yard with its ornamental appeal while also providing you with delicious - healthy fruit. * Outstanding fruit * Lovely tree* Somewhat cold hardy

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