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Honeycrisp Apple Tree

Honeycrisp Apple Tree

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Grow one of the best-selling apples on the market in your own yard.Have you had the pleasure of biting into a Honeycrisp apple bought at your local market? The thought of that sweet tang and solid crunch is probably making your mouth water right now.Now imagine how that apple would taste fresh from your own tree. Sweeter - juicier - firmer and just plain better. Plus you have the added comfort of knowing just what went into - or didn t go into. - that apple before it goes on your family s table.The Honeycrisp apple is consistently one of the best-selling apples on the market and the price and availability often reflect that. Getting a Honeycrisp apple tree from Nature Hills is a healthy investment in your family s future.Some of the benefits of this tree are that the round yellow fruit with a red blush ripen in September and don t immediately drop when ripe - so you can take your time in picking them.It only grows to 20 feet and spreads an equal distance so it is the perfect size for an urban or suburban garden.- Its low canopy makes it ideal for planting under power lines or in other such troublesome locations.It needs full sun for optimal growth and you can increase your fall yield if you plant another variety close by to aid in pollination.- Suggested pollinators are Gala - Granny Smith - Empire - McIntosh and Red Delicious. It is not pollinated by Gravenstein.We take pride in delivering the highest quality plants with healthy roots and full - well-established stems and foliage. - Our Honeycrisp apple trees are always in high demand.- Order now before they sell out.* Round Yellow Fruit with a Red Blush * Prolonged Ripening * Compact Tree

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