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Hosta Elegans

Hosta Elegans

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Large Hosta With Striking Blue Heart Shaped LeavesBeginning gardeners sometimes find shade gardening a challenge. What will grow well - what will thrive - what will stand out and make my shade garden pop? The answer to that is easy Hosta. Hosta plants love the shade and with their form and colors bring an easy sophistication to the shade garden.A great Hosta to start with is Hosta Elegans - Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans -.This hosta is extra-large with eye-catching heart-shaped leaves. The leaves are a beautiful shade of blue-green and have such a unique texture they look almost as if they have been stitched by a seamstress.As if the striking leaves weren t enough - they sport long wands of white flowers from July to August. The flowers make the plant reach 30- tall and they spread 48-60- wide. Give this elegant lady room to grow.Hosta Elegans needs to be planted in full shade in any moist - well-drained area. Use this low care perennial in shady woodland settings - foundation plantings or your favorite pot.A great choice for any beginner gardener - this blue-green giant hosta will certainly be outstanding wherever it is planted.* Solid Blue Green Heart Shaped Leaves* Textured with Powdery Cast* White Flowers in Late Summer-

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