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Hosta Forbidden Fruit

Hosta Forbidden Fruit

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So beautiful in your shade garden - it s a sin.Gardeners are always on the lookout for bright colors to fill shady areas and the top gardeners know that color in shade doesn t often come by the flowers - but by the foliage. One of the best plants for clear color and sheer power of coverage is hosta. It only takes a few to fill up a shady bed and cover unsightly bare ground or leggy perennials. Once you start growing hostas it s kind of hard to stop. They are so beautiful and so easy to care for.Even gardeners in love with hostas - in all their varied shades of green - like to invest in standout beauties. Forbidden Fruit is a standout.The leaves are golden yellow with a subtle orange tint in the center and a contrasting wide blue-green margin. They are extra thick - too - which tends to keep slugs and other shade garden pests moving on to easier leaves to eat. Forbidden Fruit will catch your eye from across the garden more so if you plant it in big drifts under your shade trees.It would be sinful not to order these for your garden - especially if you have a troublesome shady spot. They look best in groups of three or more - so order plenty.* Striking foliage * Shade loving* Lavender flower spikes in summer* Easy care

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