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Hosta Minuteman

Hosta Minuteman

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Whites of Their EdgesHosta Minuteman - Hosta Minuteman - has bold creamy white margins on thick dark green leaves - which makes this Hosta a real knockout.The dark green center - with erect leaves - makes this a very eye catching and handsome mound.- Pale lavender striped flowers are an added bonus - and this hosta demonstrates good sun tolerance.Minuteman is a selection from Hosta Francee and an improvement over the very popular Hosta Patriot. however - the white margin does not go as deep into the leaf. - This is a low care- perennial and is ideal for shady positions and is one of the most popular for landscapes.- - It is best to keep areas around hostas clear of excess leaf debris to reduce the presence of slugs and snails.It- grows well in moist - well-drained - highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5.- - Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots.Plant- Minuteman in an area that receives the right amount of light.- The leaves need some morning sun to bring out the best coloration. Too much sun will burn the leaves - although Minuteman has some sun tolerance.This Minuteman Hosta is an outstanding addition to any garden.* Thick Dark Green Leaves with White Edging* Lavender Striped Flowers* Tolerant of Some Sun-

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