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Hot Shot Girard Azalea

Hot Shot Girard Azalea

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Hardy Azalea with Brilliant DisplayHot Shot Girard Azalea is a hardy - ornamental shrub with brilliant flowers.- The Hot Shot Girard is an ideal size for shrub borders - foundation plantings - or a low hedge.- Hot Shot Girard Azalea is also suitable for use by bonsai enthusiasts.Your Hot Shot Girard Azalea comes alive with masses of 3-inch - fiery orange-scarlet blooms every spring. The large - ruffled flowers - interspersed amid the vibrant dark-green hues of its compact form - are sure to present a splendid display in your yard. - It even has beautiful foliage in the fall - shining with orange-red majesty.- The evergreen nature of your Hot Shot Girard Azalea adds to its appeal - providing some much-welcomed color throughout the drab - winter months.The Hot Shot Girard Azalea is an extremely hardy evergreen Azalea and needs very little pruning.- It grows to about 30 inches in height with an equal spread.- Its smaller - more compact size - is a welcome addition for those with smaller planting spaces.- After bloom - it adapts very well to pruning to augment the plants natural mounding habit. It s drought-tolerant and requires little care.- Bees - butterflies - hummingbirds and other pollinators love the bright flowers - and you ll enjoy providing them with this special treat.- Demand for the Hot Shot Girard is extremely high. Order yours now and enjoy this compact evergreen with its showy display.* Evergreen Foliage* Brilliant spring flowers* Hardy

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