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Iceberg Rose Tree

Iceberg Rose Tree

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Majestic Blooms Spring through FallWhat could possibly compare with the sight of brilliantlyandshy. blooming roses in your yard - shimmering in the summer sun as they cast a spicyandshy. sweet scent upon the afternoon breeze. The only thing that could add to this majestic picture is having those roses appear - not on the traditional bush - but rather in the unique form of a tree.Iceberg is the tree version of an already remarkable rose variety. It is sure to amaze you with its prolific bloom of ruffled - pristine white roses - each with a slight flush of yellow at its center. The 2 to 4andshy. inch blossoms feature a petal count of 40 - and appear in clusters amid the dark green - glossy foliage.As an added decorative bonus - some of your roses may appear with the faintest hint of dainty pink as they begin their bloom. A delicate fragrance is another advantage of this remarkable rose variety - with a scent that is not too strong or sweet - but has just the right spicyandshy. honeyed scent for drawing beneficial pollinators to your yard.Your Iceberg Tree Rose is a deciduous shrub rose trained into a tree form. It will grow to about 3 feet in height and has a full and wellandshy. shaped crown. Iceberg is a versatile tree rose - outstanding even in some slight shade - although it prefers full sun -. It would look spectacular in containers lining your patio or planted en mass to line a romantic walkway. A simple prune in late winter-early spring - and occasional deadheading - will improve your overall display.However - Iceberg is naturally a longandshy. blooming rose that will provide you with a burst of blooms in spring and fall - with a sporadic blooms inandshy. between. Iceberg is one of the bestselling of the floribunda roses - is highly rated with the American Rose Society and is an awardandshy. winner with the Royal Horticultural Society. Considering its popularity - this tree form of Iceberg really puts it over the top. Don t miss out on the opportunity to have one of these incredible roses for your yard this summer.* Amazing fragrance* Works well for containers* Lovely as cut flowers* Good disease resistance

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