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Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

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Not Your Grandmas Lilac.Looking for something different? The Tree Lilac - Syringa reticulata Ivory Silk - is not the flowering shrub you might have seen in grandma s yard - but a small tree that bears huge - foot- long. - flower panicles in late June - well after other lilacs have given up for the season.The monster flower bunches are creamy white and give off a heady - musky scent that will perfume your entire garden. These trees only get about 20 feet high which makes them perfect for small yards or as a focal point. For an even greater impact - plant several along a fence line they make a show-stopping tall hedgerow.On top of all this goodness - the Tree Lilac can withstand temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero and isn t affected by soil ph like other lilacs. It is the hardiest and most trouble free Lilac available - especially for northern climates.The Tree Lilac blooms more heavily than other Lilac varieties - too. It flowers later in the season - extending your Lilac pleasure.Through the summer your Tree Lilac will be densely covered in beautiful - deep green leaves - a refreshing sight in the height of summer heat. In the fall and winter the attractive - smooth - dark red bark adds an interesting dimension and texture to your landscape.Whether you re new to lilacs or just want to add something different to your garden - the Tree Lilac is for you. Order yours today.*- Huge flowers. * Fragrant blooms. *- Cold hardy and trouble free.

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