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Japanese Lilac Tree

Japanese Lilac Tree

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Showy - Fragrant - Cold Hardy TreeMany flowering trees do their thing in spring - which can be a little bit of a letdown come June. Just when those early bloomers are fading - though - along comes the Japanese Tree Lilac to fill in the void. It doesn t just bring a power flower show - either - but a welcome floral perfume for your garden too.The Japanese Tree Lilac can be trained as either a multi-stemmed shrubby tree or a taller single trunked tree. Either way it is covered with fragrant - creamy-white panicles of flowers for a long bloom time in the summer. Unlike so many of the spring bloomers - the flowers and leaves are on the tree at the same time. This gives a beautiful and exotic look to your garden.Used often in commercial landscapes and streetscapes - this hardy tree has proven that it can perform exceptionally well in home gardens - especially where summers are cooler. For the best floral display - plant the Japanese Tree Lilac where it will get plenty of sun and you will enjoy its fragrant summer time show.When the tree isn t in flower and has dropped its leaves for the winter - it still has a neat trick up its sleeve - the Japanese Tree Lilac has textured and striped - cherry tree-like bark that is a show in its own right.Don t miss out on this great tree in your yard for the summer. The sooner you buy from Nature Hills - the sooner you can enjoy.*Fragrant Creamy White Panicles in Early Summer*Large Shrub or Small Tree*Hardy to zone 3

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