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Japgarden Juniper

Japgarden Juniper

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Blue Green- Groundcovering JuniperThe Japgarden Juniper - J. procumbens - is a gracefully spreading juniper with a robustly textured habit sporting a beautiful bluish green color. It is a spreading - 12- high - prostrate shrub with long - stiff branches - non-showy flowers - and seldom produces fruit. It may spread up to 4.It is an excellent ground cover and rock garden accent. Prune Japgarden in June after the new growth has time to establish. With most evergreens it is easy to remember -Prune in June-. Junipers are important evergreens for landscape use due to their tolerance of unfavorable soil conditions - their hardiness and great variation in size - habit - color and growth rate.* Blue Green Groundcover* Grows 10- High by- 4 Wide* Loves Sun - Heat - and Dry Soil

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