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Jolly Good Clematis

Jolly Good Clematis

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Gorgeous - Long-Blooming Clematis- Jolly Good Clematis puts on a - jolly good- show - and keeps the fun coming all summer long.- The display begins in spring as green leaves and vigorous growth combine to create a vibrant - climbing vine.- By late spring-early summer - 3-inch blooms appear with their lavender petals highlighted with deeper streaks of purple - and accented with adorable white stamens. - Jolly Good is a prolific bloomer and keeps up the show throughout the entire summer.- Wildlife love it - with butterflies - bees and hummingbirds all too happy to pay it multiple visits throughout the season - adding to its decorative allure in your yard -.- Your Jolly Good Clematis is a mid-sized - deciduous shrub and will grow up to 7 feet in length-height.- It s a vigorous grower - with a compact nature and easy-to-care-for manner.- It blooms on new wood - so trimming it back to two feet in early spring will help maintain its shape - and it trains quite easily to a trellis or fence.- Although pollinators love it - deer and bunnies will pass it by - so no need to worry about protecting it from your yard s critters -.- You can even place a few Jolly Good in containers for your front porch where you can easily cut a few of the lovely blooms as an accent for your kitchen table.- Overall - it s a versatile and high-performing clematis variety.- A Proven Winners Shrub - Jolly Good Clematis is certainly proven to be a highly valuable clematis variety for gardenersandhellip. and it s sure to provide a - jolly good- time for you and your family when you plant one in your yard this year.- * Re-bloomer* Easy care* Rabbit andamp. deer resistant

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