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Kaweah Peach Tree

Kaweah Peach Tree

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Private Grower Quality Fruit Trees Available for Your Home.Summer just wouldn t be the same without the amazing fruit - would it? And trust us when we say that nothing tastes better than a peach fresh-picked from your own tree. Kaweah Peach is a relatively new peach on the American scene - but it has quickly become a summertime favorite.The Kaweah Peach tree - Prunus persica Kaweah - was bred in California for the shipping trade. What does that mean for you?- It means that one of these great trees in your back yard will give you the same consistently high yields and uniformly large-sized fruits that the best growers in California expect for store-quality fruits. They consistently score high in consumer taste tests with a delicious true peach flavor the perfect balance of sweet and tart.This is a quintessential all-purpose fruit. It is perfect for eating fresh - but it is also great for baking - canning - jams and jellies with firm flesh that stands up to those processes well.Amazingly - Kaweah Peach also doesn t need a long chill time 500 hours or less for it to set fruit for the next year. This means it s great it mild winter areas.We can t encourage you enough - don t wait to reserve yours. The longer you wait to plant it - the longer you have to wait to eat it.* Specimen tree* Low-chill requirement* Delicious fresh fruit

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