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Koroneiki Olive Tree

Koroneiki Olive Tree

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- The Queen of Olives- Koroneiki is an olive tree that produces superior fruit.- Plant one by your patio or front porch where you can watch your harvest develop.- Having your own olive tree is a great conversation-starter and wonderful way to bring the healthy benefits of olives to your own home.Giving someone an olive branch has long been a symbol of offering peace and brotherhood.- It s an appropriate sentiment - as olive trees have been cultivated since ancient times for the unique benefits they provide.Your Koroneiki tree is often called - The Queen of Olives- - and is known throughout the world for the superior oil it provides.- Even though Koroneiki produces a small fruit - it s a prolific tree with the fruit packing a large amount of natural antioxidants and other health benefits into each small olive.- The mid-season harvest of olives begins when the olives turn black in color- an exciting sight and invitation to enjoy the tastes of the season.Koroneiki will grow up to 12-15 feet tall with a 15-20 feet spread.- It s a fast-growing tree with a spreading habit and open canopy.- - - It blooms early in the spring - but the tiny flowers are mostly hidden by the foliage.- A hardy tree - Koroneiki can tolerate a variety of soils and is even drought resistant.Koroneiki is self-fertile - so you can try just one if you likeandhellip. but we re sure you ll soon be adding more to your yard once you sample all that Koroneiki has to offer.Exceptional fruit with health benefitsHardyDrought tolerantDisease resistantFire resistantTolerates a variety of soils


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