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Lavender Blue Baby Daylily

Lavender Blue Baby Daylily

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Award-winning lavender blue like no other.A gardener once said - - A garden will never win it - without a daylily in it.- Ok. We said that. But we said it because it s true. Daylilies are one of the most carefree - easygoing - consistently beautiful flowers you can grow. Feel like you have a brown thumb? Try a few daylilies and you ll look like a pro.Especially if you try Lavender Blue Baby. This rich lavender flower won the 2007 Stout Silver Medal Winner. The Stout is the American Hemerocallis Society s highest award and is only attained after years of flower trials.Lavender Blue Baby is a fabulous lavender flower with a vivid lavender blue watermark eye and a chartreuse-green throat. The color is so unique you won t find it on many other flowers and definitely not on another daylily. You ll never get this beauty confused with another.This well-branched daylily has a high bud count and is garden hardy. If you like to try home-hybridizing - this is a great parent plant to work with.This is a beautiful plant with a hot color combo that is sure to make you happy - but only if you order some from us today.* Unique lavender blue flowers* Healthy fans* Easy and carefree

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