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Little Business Daylily

Little Business Daylily

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Oh snap. A Dwarf Daylily.This dwarf daylily means business. More red than pink - Little Business Daylily - Hemerocallis Little Business - will command attention wherever you put it. The raspberry-red flowers will grab your eye from across the garden.It is perfect as a single specimen in your garden border where it will play nicely with its neighbors. It also makes a striking mass planting where it acts like a groundcover with its thick - graceful grass-like foliage. For something really different - use it to break up a low evergreen hedge boxwood - Little Business - boxwood - Little Business. You get the idea. It will be a refreshing change to the eye - trust us.Little Business is an evergreen in milder climates - but will come back year after year in places where it s not. One of the easiest plants you will ever put in your garden. This sweet dwarf looks great in pots - too. It s an awesome choice for window boxes where a full-sized daylily might overtake the whole planting.The flowers are smaller than full-sized daylilies - but they are very well-proportioned to their more diminutive size of the plant. They grow in clusters and will repeat bloom all summer.We know that you will love these bright beauties wherever you plant them in your garden. Order more than one. You ll be glad you did.* Perfect for small gardens* Evergreen foliage in mild climates* Beautiful raspberry red flower color* Very fast growing * Try it in a windowbox.

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