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Little Grapette Daylily

Little Grapette Daylily

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A Re-blooming Purple Powerhouse.- Every garden needs a few Little Grapette Daylilies - Hemerocallis Little Grapette - in the border. This traditional daylily has been a staple for many years. Its dark lavender-deep purple petals with a chartreuse throat are easy to pick out - even from a distance. - Just because this plant is small in stature doesn t mean that it doesn t command attention in the landscape.Plant the Little Graphette Daylily in the front of the sunny border with like-minded companions such as Hemerocallis Happy Returns or Geranium Rozanne and stand back for the explosive flower show.This plant is so easy to grow. Little Grapette Daylily isn t a diva just give it a sunny spot and well-drained soil and you will be rewarded with showy purple blooms all season. - Some people even report them to be the most fragrant daylilies they have ever planted. - The foliage is grass-like and lovely on its own. It is semi-evergreen in mild-winter areas.The purple flowers will excel in your borders - beds and containers so don t be shy when you re ordering. Trust us - you will order more next year.- * Many fragrant lavender-purple flowers once established * Re-bloomer * Very easy care

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