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Mammoth Lavender Daisy Garden Mum

Mammoth Lavender Daisy Garden Mum

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Hundreds of lavender flowers on one plant.Nothing says that autumn is arriving in the garden quite like chrysanthemums coming into bloom and very few chrysanthemums come into bloom quite like Mammoth Lavender daisy mums.Mammoth Lavender Daisy is an exceptional garden mum. It was developed by the University of Minnesota so you know that it has that North Mid-West vigor. Super-hardy compared to the common pot mums - these healthy plants with flowers in shades of deep-rose lavender overwinter dependably to Zone 3. On the other end of the spectrum - they even flower well in the south.Once Mammoth Lavender Daisy gets established in your garden - it will grow to 3 feet tall - and mound to 4 feet across. It only takes a few of these to fill your garden bed. A half dozen together makes a grand garden statement.These super hardy and dense mounding plants are easy to care for they don t need to be deadheaded or pruned. They have a remarkably dense - tight habit and each plant gets covered with hundreds of colorful daisies.Break out the hot cocoa and enjoy these beautiful flowers in your garden this fall.* Very hardy* Over-winters in the north and blooms well in the south* Hardy and carefree once established * No need to deadhead

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