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Marilee Crabapple Tree

Marilee Crabapple Tree

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All of the romantic flowers and no messy fruit.- Nothing says spring in the garden quite like a crabapple tree in full flower. If you ve ever grown one in your own landscape you ll know what we mean. Unfortunately - many folks love the flowers - but hate the fruit. Crabapples are a bit of an acquired taste. If you aren t harvesting them for canning or baking - at best you end up with unattractive - half eaten fruit hanging on the tree where the squirrels and birds have eaten their fill - or at worst a rotting mess on the ground. Ain t nobody got time for that.- If you want all of the spring splendor without the summer harvest - let us introduce you to Marilee. Marilee Crabapple - Malus Jarmin PP 14337 - has all of the gorgeous flowers you desire - but is naturally fruitless.- In the spring - Marilee is covered in deep pink buds that open to double - blushing white flowers. This striking display is followed in the summer byandhellip. nothing. No fruit whatsoever. Enjoy the deep green leaves and beautiful upright - narrow - columnar shape without worrying about the mess of fruit.- All of these traits upright - columnar - fruitless - showy flowers mean that Marilee is really excellent as a street or courtyard tree - but she is showy in any landscape.- You ll be really glad to have these in your garden. Order yours today.* Showy spring flowers * No messy fruit. * Fast growing* Great for a courtyard or small garden

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