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Mediterranean Fan Palm Tree

Mediterranean Fan Palm Tree

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Cold Hardy - Versatile Palm Mediterranean Fan Palm is one of the most versatile and ornamental of the palms. It s even cold tolerant - and in fact one of the hardiest palm trees you ll find. Plant one as a specimen tree in your front yard or along a walkway for a distinctive welcome to your home. Imagine using Fan Palms as container plants for your patio where some subtle back-lighting will highlight their gently swaying fronds and the unique shadowed patterns they cast. What a tropical - restful feel this palm can bring to your home. Your Mediterranean Fan Palm is a multi-trunked palm that can be left to grow naturally in a shrub-like manner. However - many prefer to prune it into a bundle-like appearance that highlights the rough-hewn - tropical trunk that palms are so well-known for. Each blade of the huge - fan-like - palmate foliage is 36-inches or longer - creating a spectacular - palm- . The 24-inch wide palm leaves form a symmetrical crown atop the 4-foot stems that support them from the trunk. Their blue-green coloring creates a superb accompaniment to the darker trunk. Fan Palm s evergreen nature provides year-round interest and is so versatile that it can even be grown indoors as a houseplant if desired. In the spring - tiny yellow blooms will barely peek out at you from behind the foliage stems - transitioning by autumn into tiny drupes. These dark yellow-brown fruits ripen to provide a valuable treat for your wildlife. Mediterranean Fan Palm will grow 10 to 15 feet in height with an equal spread. It has no significant disease concerns - is low maintenance and considered very easy to grow. Once established - Fan Palm is even drought tolerant. An exotic Palm tree with a hardy nature - the Mediterranean Fan Palm is an easy way to bring a tropical ambience to your landscape today. * Evergreen - tropical appearance* Cold hardy * Versatile * Can be grown indoors

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