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Mini Arcade Juniper

Mini Arcade Juniper

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Mini Juniper Thrives in Dry SoilsThe Mini Arcade Juniper - Juniperus sabina- Mini Arcade - is a compact selection of Arcadia with excellent - feathery foliage.- Mini Arcade is lower and more spreading than Arcadia. It displays a soft green color throughout the seasons and is tolerant of partial shade.- Mini Arcade is a moderate grower. It matures to 8-12- high with a spread of 3-4.The layered branching habit of this plant gives the subtle appearance of soft undulations in the ground beneath it. Mini Arcade would serve nicely in a small Zen garden - with its ability to suggest a forest of undulating green.This juniper does well in dry soils that are well drained - and it needs to have partial to full sun exposure.* Layered Feathery Foliage* Grows 1 by 4* Full Sun and Drier Soil

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