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Mini Stella Daylily

Mini Stella Daylily

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A miniature version of America s favorite daylily.- Stella de Oro is the bestselling daylily in America. It works hard and makes a gardener look good without any fuss. So - when we heard that there was a miniature version of this beloved plant we knew that we needed to have it so we could offer it to you.Mini Stella has the same sunny yellow trumpet-shaped flowers - the same spring-green grassy leaves - the same months upon months of hot color in your garden but at half the size. The flowers are only 1 inch and the plant gets less than a foot high and 2 feet wide - but the flower power is amazing. The flushes of daylilies start in the spring and then repeat all summer and into the fall. The blooms are lavish and continues for several weeks or more on each plant.Mini Stella is a phenomenal container plant. Use them in a perennial border - in front of shrubbery - as an edging along a walk or wall - and in your bulb beds - where they hide the aging foliage of tulips and daffodils.Trouble-free and maintenance-free - they tolerate most soils and conditions if they get at least 6 hours of sun. They need dividing only every 10-15 years compared to full-sized daylilies that may need to be divided every year.Don t hesitate to order several of these mini beauties today. We know that they will be as prized in your garden as they are in ours.* Same great qualities as Stella de Oro - but in a smaller package * Trouble-free and maintenance-free * Less than a foot tall.

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