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Musa Basjoo Banana Tree

Musa Basjoo Banana Tree

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The Most Cold Hardy Banana Tree You ll Find. Basjoo Banana - Masu Basjoo - aslo knows as the Japanese Banana - is a cold hardy - herbaceous plant. In fact - the Masu Basjoo Banana tree is said to be able to grow in all 50 states. Plant a few next to your pool or patio for that rare tropical appeal that enhances an area like no other plant. Basjoo Banana even does well in containers - creating an impressive display for your home s front entrance. Your Masu Basjoo Banana is an impressive variety of banana to be sure. Its 2-foot wide leaves can grow up to 6 feet in length - overlapping for a trunk-like appearance at its center. Masu Basjoo grows so fast that under optimal conditions it will add both a new leaf and 2 feet of growth in a single week. Most people grow the Masu Basjoo Banana tree just for its incredible - ornamental nature and exotic foliage. In some cases - Basjoo Banana may flower in summer - displaying yellow-tinted - creamy blossoms that precede small - green fruits - that are inedible -. Generally however - your Basjoo may not flower or fruit - and It s an adaptable banana variety - and you can easily bring it indoors for winter - or even just grow it as a houseplant if you prefer. Masu Basjoo Banana will grow up to 14 feet with an equal spread. It s fast-growing - disease resistant and extremely cold hardy - if protected - it can tolerate -20F -. It s adaptable to a variety of soils and can even tolerate a bit of drought or shade. It s evergreen in some areas - and in colder climates will die back to the ground - for an orderly winter appearance -. It s sometimes called a - fiber banana- because it s valued in Japan for its usefulness in fabricsandhellip. so it can even be a conversation-starter. If you d love an exotic - tropical appearance for your home - inside or out - - Masu Basjoo Banana tree is the perfect choice in a cold-hardy banana variety that you can count on for a stellar performance in your home this year. * Cold hardy * Works well in containers * Evergreen - in some areas - * Fast-growing * Can be grown as a houseplant * Adaptable to a variety of soils

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