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Nosferatu Daylily

Nosferatu Daylily

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Huge 6- Purple BloomsHemerocallis Nosferatu - Hemerocallis Nosferatu - shows off its huge - broad triangle-shaped petals. - It has fragrant 6- flowers that have a shiny dark purple color with a bright green eye. These ruffled blossoms prove to hold their color in the sun and have more prominent veining in their purple petals. Nosferatu blooms mid season - has a very high bud count - is an easy to grow variety - and will stand up to even the harshest of conditions.- This daylily is a semi evergreen tetraploid. - Individual flowers last only one day - but since each plant produces many buds - the total blooming time of a well-established clump may last more than a month.Use Nosferatu daylily for color in shrub borders and in perennial beds.- Once established - the daylily can be an excellent groundcover on slopes because it has roots that hold soil against erosion.- Divide every 3-5 years - or when the number of flower buds and the size of bloom begin to decline. - - Plant daylilies in sites that provide well-drained soil and plenty of sun.The Nosferatu daylily can survive many harsh conditions that other plants cannot including. polluted city environments - slopes - poor and dry soils - near pavement that is salted in winter - and under Black Walnut trees - not affected by juglone -.- * Huge 6- Ruffled Dark Purple Blooms* Contrasting Lime Green Throat* Attracts Butterflies and Hummingbirds

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