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Okame Cherry Tree

Okame Cherry Tree

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Stunning Spring ColorIf you want a true - Oh my gosh - what is that and where did you get it?- tree for your landscape - then look no further than the Okame Cherry Tree - Prunus Okame. The Okame Cherry tree is one of the earliest of the flowering cherries and it flowers from Canada to Central Florida.- In late winter or early spring - well before other trees are waking up - the Okame Cherry puts on a gasp-worthy display of carmine-pink flowers. The flowers bud on the naked stems before the leaves show their faces.- Since this tree doesn t require a long chill period to set the blossoms - it is a good flowering tree for the hot and humid south. It blooms in January in Florida and later the further north you get. The trade-off of a low chill time - though - is that in the south you won t get the truly amazing fall leaf show that you get in the north. The leaves turn bronze and orange and make the tree as showy in fall as the blossoms make it in the spring.- Plant this tree where it can be seen along an entry drive - in the planter bed in the center of your yard - outside your kitchen window. It grows pretty fast - 1 to 2 feet a year until it reaches 20 feet tall and does great in any but the wettest soils. - We all need a spotlight moment every now and then. The Okame Cherry tree will be that for your yard. Order yours now.* Early Spring Flowers* Specimen Tree* Fall color

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