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Oklahoma Redbud Tree

Oklahoma Redbud Tree

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Small Ornamental Tree with Seasonal InterestThe Oklahoma Redbud - Cercis reniformis Oklahoma - is a small deciduous tree with seasonal interest.- It would look lovely in a formal setting by your patio or walkway - or scatter a few about the lawn for a more naturalized effect.- Redbuds are highly prized for the amount of color they produce in the spring and fall. Small enough to grow in a variety of locations in your yard - the Oklahoma Redbud is an excellent understory plant growing 15-25 feet tall with a 15-20 foot spread.- - When spring arrives - your Oklahoma Redbud tree will put on quite a show.- Watch as tiny pink-red blooms seem to overpower the branches - covering them in radiant floral beauty.- Dark green and intensely shiny - the heart-shaped leaves emerge soon after.- The leaves leaf out into a rounded - irregular crown that is the Redbud s summer glory.- Adding to that glory in your yard - 3-inch seedpods will soon appear. The pods will remain a lovely lavender color through the summer and into the winter months. When autumn arrives - your Redbud will treat you to a variety of hues ranging from reds and purples to shades of orange.- Oklahoma Redbud flowers and seeds are reportedly edible - with the flowers having a somewhat nutty flavor. Various parts of the tree have been used medicinally in the past as well. Of course if you re not inclined to use the Redbud seeds - your backyard birds will certainly take care of them for you.- The Oklahoma Redbud takes up very little room - but offers you so much in return. Plant one today and enjoy their rare and interesting beauty.- * Spring color* Interesting seed pods* Fall color

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