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Old Gold Juniper

Old Gold Juniper

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- Small Gold Juniper The Old Gold Juniper - Juniperus x pfiteriana Old Gold Juniper - is an evergreen with a unique blending of green - yellow and gold foliage. Use this plant as an accent planting or as a low hedge in full to part sun.The passing of autumn into winter is often a dismaying time for those who value the vibrant colors of summer - but your Juniper Old Gold will rescue you from the doldrums of the season with its evergreen brilliance.Fading into the background during the summer months - you ll be delighted to realize that your Old Gold Juniper is there to brighten the landscape with its unique foliage once the weather turns cold.Not just the average evergreen - the Old Gold performs just as its name implies - with a gold-hued accent to its evergreen nature. It s sure to draw the eye - especially when the white snow adds its contrasting color to the surrounding browns and grays of the gold-toned evergreen.The Old Gold Juniper has a low growing - dense nature with spreading branches and elegantly drooping tips. It- matures to a 2-4 shrub with an equal spread.- It has a slower growth rate than some other evergreens - but can live up to 30 years.With so many evergreens to choose from - why not chose one with a bit of dramatic coloration? The Old Gold Juniper will stand out amid your usual evergreens and its long-lived nature will provide enjoyment for many years to come.*Golden Green Foliage*Slow Growing*Full to Part Sun-

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