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Orient Pear Tree

Orient Pear Tree

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Amazing Spring Flowers andamp. Huge FruitThe Pear - Orient - Pyrus communis - is good for cooking as well as having great landscape value as a flowering spring tree. The trees grow huge - as do the fruits. The Orient pear ripens in August - having the reputation of being the heaviest bearing pear tree. The Orient pear tree is very large in tree size and usually grows 20 feet tall in standard sizes. Pears have shiny deep green leaves offering summer shade and are covered with white blossoms in the spring. Well-drained sandy loam soils are preferred - but pears will grow on many soil types if good drainage is provided. Pears will grow more vigorously and produce more fruit in full sun.* One of heaviest producing pear trees* Great pears for cooking* Spectacular spring blooms-

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