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Pardon Me Daylily

Pardon Me Daylily

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Bushels of blooms from spring to fall- Daylilies are named for the beautiful flowers they produce that last for only one day. Even though Pardon Me Daylily flowers last only one day - it blooms new flowers almost EVERY DAY all season long. Once these diminutive but feisty plants are established in your garden - you will have fresh flowers constantly.The sparkling 3- cranberry-wine flowers with chartreuse green throats are eye-catching across the garden and command attention in the front of a sunny border. They make excellent bedding plants and good cut flowers.It is a class of daylilies called reblooming that assures you will have color from mid-summer through to fall. Even when not in bloom the strappy - grass-like clumps of leaves look striking in the garden.Super easy to care for - you can really plant- em-and-forget- em . At least until you need to divide them up and share the wealth because they ve grown so much.Pardon Me Daylily is a great perennial plant that will give you an excellent show all season reblooming again and again. Don t miss out on this lovely daylily in our own garden.* Fragrant 3- Cranberry Wine Flowers* Reblooms* Lightly scented

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