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Patriot Hosta

Patriot Hosta

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Bright Edges Light the DarkThe Hosta Patriot - Hosta fortunei - has heart-shaped - glossy medium green leaves with a large white margin - making this variety very striking.The lavender- flowers bloom from July to August - and it has a plant height of 22- and a spread of 36-48- .- Patriot provides bright color in shade with its wonderful foliage.Patriot Hosta is a former winner of -Host of the Year- from the American Hosta Growers. - If you have ever seen it - you will know why-it literally brings light to shade.- This is a low care- perennial and is ideal for shady positions and is one of the most popular for landscapes.- It is best to keep areas around hostas clear of excess leaf debris to reduce the presence of slugs and snails.It- is at home in well moist - well-drained - highly organic soils with a pH between 5.5 and 7.5.- Sandy loam is better than clay because it provides more aeration for the roots.Plant- Patriot in an area that receives the right amount of light.- The leaves need some morning sun to bring out the best coloration. TToo much sun will burn the leaves.With its outstanding coloration - Patriot is one of the most striking and exciting hostas to have in your shade garden.- *Glossy Medium Green Leaves with Bright White Edges*Lavender Flowers*Shade Plant Attracts Buttterflies-

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