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Peters Honey Fig Tree

Peters Honey Fig Tree

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Honey Flavored- Green- FigsThe Peter s Honey Fig produces very sweet - shiny - high quality - and greenish yellow fruit when ripe. The fruit tastes syrupy and honey-like. This fig will melt in your mouth.- Peters Honey Fig is superb for fresh eating. These figs can be used for drying and canning too.It has good cold tolerance - but it requires a warm location with a southern exposure in order to ripen - especially in the maritime Northwest. In other words - it requires a sunny - hot exposure in cooler areas.If a fig is killed to the ground because of cold weather - it will come up with new growth when the weather warms up.- An excellent way to get figs to produce ripe fruit in colder climates is to plant potted figs when the weather warms up.- Plant the pot with the rim a few inches above ground level. Roots will go through the drain holes at the bottom of the pot and produce nutrients for the plant.- When the leaves fall in late fall - dig the pot up and store inside. Replant again next spring.This tree thrives in full sun and in the South it ripens its first crop in May and a later crop in October and November. Peters Honey Fig originated in Sicily.* Cold Tolerant* Greenish Yellow Fruit* Very Sweet Honey Flavor

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