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Princeton Elm Tree

Princeton Elm Tree

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The original classic shade tree is back.There was a time when Elm trees lined America s streets by the thousands Elm Street is the most popular street name in the US. Then - in the 1930 s a fungus in a shipment of lumber from Europe turned into Dutch Elm Disease and wiped out tens of millions of elm trees across the country.Decades passed and it wasn t until the mid-1990 s that a nurseryman noticed one street in Princeton NJ was still lined in towering - magnificent elm trees. They were completely unaffected by the blight from the 30 s.These 75 year-old American natives were standing strong. Thanks to that sharp-eyed nurseryman the Ulmas Americana Princeton has been cultivated and is back on the market and we are very proud to offer it to you.Princeton Elm is a beautiful shade tree that grows up to 100 tall in the classic elm vase shape. The large - leathery foliage turns yellow in the fall. It can be planted virtually year round from the bitter cold of the Northern Plains to the humid heat of Central Florida and anywhere in between.It handles any condition including wet - dry and windy. It can grow 3-6 feet a year. It can survive salty air - partial shade and is super tolerant of harsh - polluted urban conditions. This is a bulletproof tree that you need to have if you re looking for a tall - statuesque shade tree for your landscape.We ship healthy top grade trees. Order yours from us today.* Beautiful Elm tree shape* Yellow fall foliage* Easy - quick-growing - disease resistant native-

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