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Rainbow Sorbet Rose Tree

Rainbow Sorbet Rose Tree

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Repeat Blooming Early Tree RoseThis prolific floribunda rose variety will wow you with its multi-colored roses and reblooming nature. - You really have to see Rainbow Sorbet s roses first-hand to appreciate their unique coloring. Some describe them as yellow roses - tipped in orange and red hues. - Others will say they are peachy-pink with a yellow center.However you decide to characterize these delicate - 3-inch beauties - they are certain to present a - rainbow- of colors in your yard. - Much like a refreshing - rainbow sorbet- on a hot summer afternoon - this rose variety s delicious colors will brighten even the drabbest of spots in your yard. - Rainbow Sorbet s delectable blossoms begin their show in spring and repeat their display right up until autumn. - The glossy - green leaves provide a vibrant backdrop for the magnificent flowers - and a light fragrance tops off the show with an alluring call to pollinators. - As the roses fade - they tend to finish in shades of light yellows and pinks for yet another delightfully - decorative touch.Your Rainbow Sorbet is a rose that has been trained into tree form. - It will grow to about 3 feet in height - with a pleasing - symmetrical shape. - Rainbow Sorbet s semi-double roses have a petal count of 12-16 and demonstrate a long vase life as well as performing well as a dried flower for long-term use. - Rainbow Sorbet is disease resistant and does well in cooler climates. - One would look spectacular as a patio plant or plant several as a border. - Even just one will add a splash of color and definition to your perennial bed.Rainbow Sorbet is obviously a floribunda rose with a lot to offer. - Multi-colored blooms that keep displaying from spring to fall makes this an eye-catching rose in any setting. - However - add that this is the tree form - and you ve got a stunning rose variety that you simply won t want to miss.* Re-bloomer* Fragrant* Disease resistant* Does well in cooler climates

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