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Red Baron Crabapple Tree

Red Baron Crabapple Tree

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Scarlet Flowers-Fruit with 4-Season InterestRed Baron Crabapple is a deciduous tree that offers 4-season ornamental interest.- It s a terrific accent tree - with a narrow - upright nature that s perfect for smaller landscapes.- If you have a spot for an ornamental tree - but not much space - Red Baron is for you.Your Red Baron Crabapple will amaze you when its profusion of red buds open in May.- Each spring - Red Baron drapes itself in striking clusters of fragrant red flowers that virtually cover the branches in scarlet intensity.- As the season progresses - the foliage emerges a coppery bronze - transitioning to dark greenandhellip. before clothing your tree in brilliant orange for autumn.- The falling leaves reveal the glorious color of the fruit - a deep - shiny red that gives your crabapple its name.- These cherry-sized fruit ripen in early to late fall - and often persist through the winter months.- Red Baron- Crabapple will grow to twenty feet with an eight-foot spread. - It has a narrowly upright - columnar growth habit.- Its low canopy has a typical clearance of two feet from the ground - and is suitable for planting under power lines. Your Red Baron is tolerant of wet soils - urban- pollution and is rabbit and deer resistant.- It is not particular as to soil type and will even thrive in inner city environments.- Although adaptive - full sunlight will provide the best color in your Red Baron.- Under ideal conditions - you can expect your Red Baron to thrive in your yard for fifty years or more. Few trees create a greater intrigue or visual impact during all four seasons than the flowering crabapple.- Plant a Red Baron today.* Abundant spring bloom * Fall color * Fruit persists into winter * Pollution Tolerant * Wildlife interest

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