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Red Mulberry Tree

Red Mulberry Tree

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- Carefree Tree with Delicious FruitThe Red Mulberry tree - Morus rubra - is a fruit-bearing tree that is not only lovely - but useful to both humans and wildlife.- The most attractive feature of this tree is the fruit it produces.- Look closely in the spring and you ll notice small - green catkin-like spikes amid your Red Mulberry s branches. These will soon turn into the raspberry-like berries that you ve been waiting for.- Each berry is a fascinating site to behold as it transforms through deepening shades of red then to a deep purple.When you step outside in the morning - you ll likely hear the chirps and cheeps of the neighborhood birds filling your Red Mulberry tree as they share in the bounty.- - Mulberries can be eaten directly from your tree - or save some for pies - preserves and wine. They re a delicious sweet treat on a summer day. - Your Red Mulberry tree has a rounded crown and grows to about 50 feet. The 5 inch oblong - toothed dark green leaves are particularly interesting because each tree can have several different shaped leaves.- When fall approaches - the leaves turn a lively yellow to brighten your yard. - A Red Mulberry tree is an essential addition to any yard where an easy-to-care-for fruit tree is desired. Simply plant and waitandhellip. soon you ll have a beautiful tree and delicious harvest for yourself and wildlife. - * Care-free tree * Edible fruit * Attractive to wildlife-

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