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Red Oak Tree

Red Oak Tree

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Highly Sought After for Deep Red Fall ColorThe Red Oak tree - Quercus rubra - also is commonly called a Champion Oak. This majestic shade tree is known for growing tall - being strong - and for having a long life span - up to 500 years.- It is also known for having valuable - open-grained hardwood and for its brilliant fall color. - The mature form of the Red Oak tree is rounded and symmetrical - giving the appearance of being manicured without the work.New bristle-tipped leaves will emerge with a handsome reddish tinge in the spring. - When the tree is young - the bark will be smooth and sage-brown - or gray - - but will mature to a darker gray - and eventually to black -.One of the most sought after features of this tree is the brilliant showing of deep crimson leaves in the fall. - In addition - the acorns that this tree produces provide food for wildlife. - For best results - plant it in an area with a moderate water supply and good drainage.Often planted as a shade tree in yards - parks and along neighborhood streets - this tough tree can take a lot in the form of pollution and salty - alkaline or compacted soil.* Brilliant fall color* Majestic* Food for Wildlife

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